We are an Association of Igbobi College Old Boys of 1996 set, who now have a common goal - networking to succeed in life and to leave a legacy after death.

After our final exams at Igbobi College Yaba in the year 1996, buoyed with youthful passion we all dispersed to different places across the globe in pursuit of our dreams. Some were lucky to immediately gain admission into Higher Institutions, some left the shores of the Country and of course, some had to face the harsh realities of life by having to find menial employment just to keep afloat in the huge blanket of life’s turbulent ocean.

ICOBA 96set is more than membership. It is a partnership for progress.

Sometimes in 1999, a group of passionate young boys comprising of Emmanuel Okoh, Femi Ogini, Boye Ogumekan, Mafoitan Gbenga Raheem Fadipe and others felt it was necessary to keep the set together irrespective of the social and economic status hence began the journey of the birth of ICOBA 96set. These young Igbobians used their meagre resources to reach out to their other school mates of 1991-96sets but not many responded. The few that joined soon caught the vision and followed suit in making the clarion calls to the others, and over the years, with several challenges and misunderstandings. Emmanuel Okoh was unanimously made the coordinator up until 2011 when the Association was agreed to be governed by the Constitution of Igbobi College Old Boys Association (ICOBA).

The 1st Chairman (Gbenga Mafoitan) of the new and improved ICOBA96set reigned from 2011 -2016 and Damola Ogunojemite took over the leadership as the 2nd Chairman of the Set from 2016 – 2020. The incumber administration, led by Mark Akinkugbe Benson as the 3rd Chairman resumed office in 2020.
ICOBA 96set is more than a membership, it’s a Partnership.
We were schoolmates of academic sessions 1991 -1996, who now have a common goal. Networking to succeed in life and to leave a legacy after death.
Ones Unum in Domino
It's an Old boys affair